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LetsCatchup helps jobseekers get hired,
through internal employee referrals.

  • instant network

    Instantly connect with thousands of professionals and companies from our network.

  • job referrals

    Get JOB referrals from your college alumni community or Connect with premium referees from over 3000 companies.

  • easy hire

    Apply for an internal job posting Through your trusted referral network. 70% applications Result in a job offer.


Find Job referrals in thousands of leading companies

Get internal connections and job referrals in over 3000 companies from LetsCATCHUP Premium network.

Why Choose Us ?

4 compelling reasons- why you should join LetsCATCHUP right now !


1. Instant Networking: Get an instant network with thousands of professionals, no friends requests, no invites, no hassles.

2. Internal Job Openings: Did you know ? 50% jobs are never posted online. Employers prefer hiring through employees and we give you a direct connect with them.

3. High Application Response: 70% referred candidates land a job opportunity. Just make sure you select the right channel to get a referral.

4. Earn Rewards: You can also earn rewards by helping other jobseekers get an interview at your organization.

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  • Internal referrals are
    #1 way to get Hired

  • 44% of new hires in all companies
    are through employee referrals

  • Employee referrals are the shortest
    path to better hires

what people are saying

15000 students from 200 colleges are using Letscatchup, and they are loving it: Here are few "good words" from our users

Manish Jain, Delhi

I landed my first job through LetsCATCHUP. It took only 7 days from submitting my resume to getting an interview call.

Manaswi, IIT Bhubneswar

My Campus Placement office , gave me this link, and within a day, I got a call for an Interview. That is really fast. I was not expecting that. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Renu Meena, IIT Delhi

I love their customer service. They are Very prompt in responding to my Queries and rectify the problems quickly.


Dr. Satyaki Roy, IIT Kanpur

For a niche discipline like design, Opportunities come only through networks – LetsCATCHUP is doing a great job in curating that for us.

Gautam Ranjan, Tata AutoComp

I have joined letsCATCHP to guide my Juniors looking for jobs. Helping others is a rewarding experience.

Dr. Sachin Singh Gautam, IIT Guwahati

Our non-IT graduates look up to this platform to utilize alumni connections In core industry.

Our packages and pricing


  • Instant Alumni Network
  • Job Referrals from
    fellow alumni
  • High Application Response
  • Email Support
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INR 999
  • network of 3000 companies
  • 5 referrals in companies
    of your choice
  • Resume screening and feedback
  • interview Prep from the referees
  • Auto follow-up
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"70% referred candidates get a job offer”
Its your turn to get hired !

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Is LetsCATCHUP like a normal job board, where I can see available openings?

A: LetsCATCHUP is a referral job network. You’ll be able to see jobs from all the companies where your fellow alums are working.

Q: How do I join this network?

A: You can join our network as a basic or premium member. To get started you have to select your college and enter basic profile details. You can also directly login using your LinkedIn account.

Q: My college is not listed on your site, how can I access the network?

A: LetsCATCHUP is currently open for students and graduates of selected premier Indian colleges. If your college is not listed with us, you can access the network as “others” and send us a request with your college name. If your college matches our selection criteria, we’ll be happy to add it.


A: We believe in the power of referrals. 67% employers prefer candidates who are referred by an existing employee. At LetsCATCHUP, you always apply through an internal connection. Once you see a matching job, just click on “request for referral” button and we’ll take your application forward.

Q: Can I apply in companies where my alumni are not working?

A: Yes, you can take a premium membership and apply for companies out of your alumni network. With this membership you’ll be also given referral credits and few other premium services like resume development and application guidance from professionals in top companies.

Q: How long will it take to get a response on my request?

A: We start reviewing your profile as soon as you make a request. Most of the candidates get immediate response, but if you don’t get one within 7 days, we automatically follow-up with the referrers.

Q: What are my chances of getting hired through LetsCATCHUP?

A: 75% of referred candidates land an interview opportunity through LetsCATCHUP, most of them get a job offer. We recommend you to keep your profile and resume updated to be in the top list.

Q: What if there is no available opening for me right now?

A: There are jobs from over 3500 companies on our network. It’s highly unlikely that you won’t find a right match. But if you don’t see an opportunity in a particular company, you can ask referral for any internal job openings. Remember 50% companies don’t post the job online; they rely on internal networks first – LetsCatchup makes it possible.


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